Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nursing 101

How many people are interested in the nursing field? I mean REALLY interested. I am quite curious about what motivates people to go into the career of nursing. Maybe there are so many caring people in the world that are dying to take care of others. Hmmm....

Currently being a student myself in the competitive educational world of nursing. I have encountered so many other prospective nursing students. This is the second community college I've attended and the outcome is the same; 18 out of 20 students major in nursing. Many are just like me with a license in practical nursing deciding to further their degree and make more money. I know personally at my job now (research) I am doing the exact same duties as a RN with much less pay. Of course I know that this is not the case in all medical companies. I have quite a bit of experience, and I know most places the RN has much more responsibilities than the LPN and the weight generally falls on her (or him).

With the economy in a horrendous downfall people are changing careers. They feel that the nursing field will be the most secure field to get into. I don't know about that. With the economy in a horrendous downfall I think becoming a mortician is the most secure field to get into, but I am no expert. Although I am no expert (and have done zero research at this point) I imagine suicide and homicide rates will increase dramatically. People going to the hospital will decrease dramatically, because they can't afford it. Now that is scary. Imagine more deaths than births.

Wait, I feel like we've gotten off of the subject here. Nursing. What can I say about it. Long hours, stressful situations, working weekends and holidays. Sounds like the perfect career! So why are so many people choosing the field? The only thing I can conclude is money and job stability.

Nursing has millions of opportunities. You do not have to work in a typical hospital setting, you can work in research, mental health, management, education and the list goes on and on. If you get a BS, MS, or NP you increase those options. These are the reasons people chose this career, because it can pretty much suit anyone that is interested in health care.

Unfortunately for many it may take several years just to get into a program. The schools are competitive and the prerequisites necessary are strenuous and difficult. Like any other science degree, you have to be well rounded in math and science to even consider this career. Once you apply to a college and get accepted, it doesn't guarantee you a degree in Registered Nursing. You will have to maintain you grades in all subjects, especially biology and math. The better your GPA the greater your chances. I think that is wonderful, I mean you will be putting other people lives in your hands once you have a license. Biology is definitely the foundation for anyone interested in the world of medicine, so of course you should be expected to do exceptional in the subject.

Makes you think, with so many people deciding to chose nursing, how many had any idea how hard the requirements would be. At this point I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA, but not without being stressed out. My first semester I had a 3.8, but I changed my study habits and it has worked out for me. Being a wife, mom, and an employee this task seems nearly impossible. Especially with classes like Microbiology and Calculus being on the schedule (and that is only half of my schedule). So I figure, if I can do it anyone can.

Now I will begin the process of petitioning. Petitioning is applying to different nursing programs at different colleges. You will have to send your transcripts, resume', and sometimes even letters of recommendations. You may even be interviewed. You cannot begin this process until you have completed the basic requirements. I have nearly completed all of the basic requirements and some electives. Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Calculus, three Psychology courses, Microbiology, Philosophy, Sociology, and a few others. Despite that, nursing programs have different requirements and it almost impossible to satisfy them all. This is a nerve-wrecking process.

So for those of you who love caring for others, this will be a rewarding field for you. For the rest of you who are motivated by money, trust me - you will earn every dime. At the same time nurses are needed. Please make sure that if you ever make it, be empathetic. You will be caring for REAL PEOPLE. I have worked with several people who've treated the patients like they were nuisances. You could be in their situation yourself one day, and I am a true believer in karma. So keep this in mind, a career is like a marriage, you will have to work hard to get there and even harder to stay there. So if you are considering, I wish you much luck and success. The field needs you.


  1. Enjoyed your blog. Have fun with it!

  2. Ah, I see that I can never be a nurse... not good at all the bandages and stuffs :)


  3. I know this is an old post, but it interested me greatly. I just got accepted to the nursing progarm at the local community college. First try, too!

    Nursing as a whole may be a tough career, but there is job security in that field like you wouldn't believe.

    For me, I'm already doing a similar job for about 1/4 as much as I would make as an RN. So a few years of hard work will fix that.

    You're right though. It's tough having a family and stuff. The program is hard enough as it is, but having to deal with my wife and daughter, as well as working full time and going to school full time... well, lets just say its a wonder I haven't wound up in the hospital the wrong way, yet...


  5. I love people and have done different nursing type things for years. It amazes me that people who have been in the business of helping people for years though have decided it's better for them to start beating patients, stealing things like slippers and false teeth, etc. I can't fathom how hurting those you work to heal is helping you have bigger and better things? Did you need those teeth from the old lady who lay dying in her bed? Were you shoeless working in the hospital? How can you hurt someone defenseless and think it's ok?

    I was determined in high school to be a nurse. Good money and you get to help others who need you. Our first trip in Pre Nursing was a local nursing home. It smelled like pee, they showed no concern for the patients and one poor guy was not only strapped (for his safety) but they stripped him down in front of a room full of high school girls to bathe him. He seemed to have a bit of dementia but you could CLEARLY tell he was uncomfortable. I lost my taste for nursing.

    I've been working in sleep as a technician and in what we called "compliance" to make sure people were using their machine to the best of it's ability to help them. There's still so much to learn but it makes me feel good that I'm helping people. Not using my knowledge or "power" to hurt others. There's two sides to every coin. It only matters what side you look at.

    I think it's absolutely wonderful that you are going to school and working so hard. My step mother is an RN and I think it's amazing what a good nurse can do. Keep up the fantastic work and good luck in all you do!


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