Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marriage is NOT a Sin

I decided to write this post based on a controversial topic that we were having at work the other day. A co-worker (we will call her Elizabeth) said, "You know that gay marriage might be legal in DC now?" I replied, "Oh, really?" I guess she could hear in my tone that I did not really care. So she asked my other co-worker (We will call her Sunny). "So do you care if gay people get married." Sunny said, "No, why should I?" Elizabeth replied, "Because it would ruin the sanctity of marriage." I wanted to reply but both Sunny and I was laughing so hard we could not say anything.
Ruin the sanctity of marriage, hmmm.. Lets take a close look at this one. The sanctity of marriage has already been ruined by many heterosexual people, through lying, deceit, adultery and divorce.

She went on to say that the bible says, "A man should not lay with another man." I said, "So you don't agree with homosexuality?" Honestly, I would have been pleased with that, I mean she did just quote the bible. But instead she said, "No. Gay people can't help being gay. I just don't think we should let them get married."

"What? Did you not just say a man should not lay with another man? And that God did not make Adam and Steve?" I think that is what took the cake for me. Personally, I believe everyone interprets the bible differently. I also know that the bible has been used in many cases to justify people's belief, it has been used to justify slavery (which she did not agree with). It was also used to argue that interracial couples should not marry. Well..... If you are going to used the bible to argue that gay people should not get married, at least say that it is because you think that people should not be gay. I mean not one place in the bible does it say marriage is a sin.

Her friend came along, and he even went so far as to say, "We cannot give these people too many rights?" That was appalling. Control human rights? He said, "Next thing you know people will be marrying animals." That is ridiculous, animals can't even talk. Besides, that is not the issue at hand. We are talking about two human beings who love each other. Who are being violated, because they are being stripped away of a human right. 20 years together and nothing to show for it? I could not imagine that. I love my husband, and would have been devastated if the law had prevented us from marrying.

Elizabeth then mentioned, gay people raising children. FACT 1: Gay people are already raising children. Heterosexual children. If you really want to get technical. Gay people are the product of straight people. Many heterosexuals are raising homosexuals and vice versa.

Elizabeth then said, "If gay people get married, the world will end." The world has been corrupt for a long time. If that is what ends the world, so be it. Let God judge, let people's fate be in the hands of God and not other human beings.

But what really made Elizabeth angry was the fact that Sunny and I was really against child rape, she compared that to homosexual marriage. Are you serious? No one is getting hurt when 2 people love each other and get married. We are talking about 2 consenting adults in that situation. A child does not consent to rape. It is 2 different things. She said, "no it isn't they are both sins. Sins are equal in the eyes of God."

A rapist is a sinner. A liar is a sinner. A cheater is a sinner. A thief is a sinner. We are all sinners, but guess what? Those of us who are straight sinners are allowed to marry. Remember marriage is not a sin. Let God do his job, he knows what he is doing. Love all people, be them gay or straight, that is our job. Hope you enjoyed this, have a blessed day.
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